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The Sweet Spot

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During my time at ThoughtMatter, a New York based brand design and strategy studio, we wanted to start a conversation about cocoa sustainability initiatives with chocolate producers globally. The result was The Sweet Spot — a zine that analyzes the cocoa industry and its sustainability initiatives, which we individually tailored and addressed to the five chocolate giants. 

Shaped like a classic chocolate bar and enclosed in a vellum wrapper, each of the five personalized zines contains research in the form of mind maps, current cocoa consumers’ diary entries and call-outs featuring goals and challenges.

 In early 2018, more than 400 copies were be produced in-house and distributed to the offices of Nestlé, Hershey’s, Mondelez, Mars, and Ferrero.

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Each of the zines features a handwritten entry, directly addressing the company from a conscious consumer's standpoint. 


A breakdown of the company's cocoa initiative is laid out in the mind map spread, calling out the challenges and opportunities that they face.


All copy and content written and curated by Shivani Gorle.