Mariah Marie



Mariah Adams

As a multifaceted Designer and Art director, Mariah is living in Omaha, Nebraska with a range of experiences and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications Design from Pratt Institute in New York. 

From conceptually and strategically dreaming up campaigns for clients and RFPs to collecting and creating an entire museum of pasta, Mariah’s on demand talents and interests are broad and diverse. Never stepping down from a challenge, she rather thrives on new experiences. An ideal day for her is working next to people that she is inspired by and learning about topics she didn’t know existed. 

Additionally, Mariah enjoys cooking more food than she can eat by herself, running arguably outrageously long distances, and traveling around the country to see concerts. 

Clients have included a little of everything such as UnitedHealthcare, Bosch (US + Europe), Special Olympics Nebraska, Nutrafol, Scooter’s Coffee, Lincoln Marathon, Spin! Pizza, West Corporation, and more. 

Resume here.